A complete range of dental services

As a dentist in Thornton Heath, we can help to raise your standard of oral health and prevent the development of harmful conditions. The team at Thornton Heath Dental Practice has a wealth of experience in providing tactful patient care, using contemporary techniques in relaxing surroundings. We provide a level of professional care that complements your home oral hygiene routine and aims to bring you a stress-free dental future.

Dentist in Thornton HeathA multi-disciplinary dentist in Thornton Heath

We have many skills to help you improve all aspects of your dental and oral health. At routine check-ups we can look for early signs of decay, and provide up-to-the-minute advice on how you can optimise your tooth brushing technique. If you need repairs, we can use modern materials that mimic the natural appearance of your teeth.

Many people need a dentist in Thornton Heath because they’ve lost one or more teeth. Our tooth replacement options include dental implants. This integrated solution provides a stable base for your new teeth, which means you can enjoy chewing your favourite foods like you used to with the teeth you lost.

Even small changes can make a big difference. If you’re unhappy with the colour of your teeth, the simple and speedy process of teeth whitening will give you a brilliant smile you’ll be proud to show off. We can repair misshapen or chipped teeth with veneers, which restore the natural outline and smooth surface of your teeth.

Looking ahead

Poorly-aligned teeth can be a source of long-term discomfort. Not only does a crooked smile look unappealing, it can affect your oral hygiene, because bacteria can hide in the areas your toothbrush finds hard to reach. Our braces and aligners will improve the appearance and performance of your teeth. Plus, they’ll do their work discreetly, since they’re custom-made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials.

Considerate experience

The warm and relaxed atmosphere in our practice makes visiting the dentist in Thornton Heath a comfortable experience. Our team will get to know you as a person, and deliver contemporary dental care with tact and efficiency. We offer emergency care as well as evening and Saturday appointment times, so you can get the treatment you need at the time you need it.