A friendly, modern dentist

Visiting a dentist in Thornton Heath will ensure your teeth are getting all the care they need. At Thornton Heath Dental Practice, we offer years of multi-disciplinary expertise, contemporary knowledge, and friendly service in our provision of high-quality dental care. We aim to raise your standard of wellbeing by giving you a stress-free dental future.

Dentist in Thornton HeathA variety of dental services

We have many ways to improve how your teeth look, feel, and function. We can spot the early signs of decay, too subtle for you to notice at home, during twice-yearly check-ups. Our oral hygiene advice is based on up-to-date knowledge, ensuring your tooth brushing routine gives you the optimum level of protection.

Many of our patients need a dentist in Thornton Heath who can provide durable replacement teeth. Gaps in the smile can spoil your appearance and weaken your overall dental health. Using dental implants, we can give you new teeth that look and function just like the old ones. Their tremendous stability means you can enjoy biting into your favourite foods again, without worrying about the replacement teeth falling onto the breakfast table.

Cosmetic issues are another common reason people come to us for treatment. Developments that sound minor, like tooth discolouration, can have a big aesthetic and emotional impact when you experience them yourself. Our speedy teeth whitening treatments will give you a brilliant smile you’ll be proud to show off. We even provide facial rejuvenation procedures to reduce the obvious signs of ageing in your skin. Treatments like these from a dentist in Thornton Heath can raise your overall confidence as well as your visual appeal.

A better future for your teeth

We’re pleased to offer tooth-realignment treatments that enhance your teeth discreetly. Although wearing braces or aligners involves time and patience, our contemporary appliances are made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials and so reduce the embarrassment factor that can occur from wearing visible braces. Fully customised for comfort and efficiency, these popular methods provide long-lasting results.

As a dentist in Thornton Heath, we aim to give you the best possible dental future. Our evening and Saturday appointment slots mean you can access the improvements you need at a convenient time.