A wide range of dental services

At Thornton Heath Dental Practice, we provide a complete range of dental services to people who need a dentist in Thornton Heath. Whether you come to us for preventive care, emergency repairs, or long-term tooth realignment, we’ll aim to enhance your oral health and boost your dental confidence.

Our friendly team has years of experience in delivering tactful, professional oral health care. We will put you at ease in the warm and welcoming environment of our contemporary dental practice.

Dentist in Thornton HeathQuality treatments

Our wide range of procedures offers many ways to enhance the look, feel, and function of your teeth. When you come to us for twice-yearly check-ups, we can look for the signs of decay and disease that are too subtle for you to detect at home. If repairs are needed, we can use contemporary materials that mimic the natural appearance of your teeth.

If you have gaps in your smile, we have many ways to fix them. The aesthetic concerns and oral health issues associated with missing teeth are a common reason people seek a dentist in Thornton Heath. Or tooth replacement options including dental implants. This integrated procedure gives you fully-functional, great-looking replacements. You’ll be able to enjoy chewing all your favourite foods, without worrying the new teeth might fall out.

Looking after your appearance

As a dentist in Thornton Heath, we often help patients to achieve their ideal appearance. Problems like chipped teeth or discolouration can have a persistent negative impact on a person’s social confidence. Speedy treatments like teeth whitening are a great way to transform your facial aesthetics. Dental veneers will restore the proper outlines to teeth that have been damaged or misshapen.

Crooked smiles and misaligned bites are another source of cosmetic dissatisfaction. Our modern braces and aligners are made of discreet materials, and customised for your comfort. Although you have to wait a while to see the results, the benefits are significant and long-lasting.

Improved outlook

We offer emergency care and evening appointments, so you can access a dentist in Thornton Heath at a time that suits you. We are easy to reach by public transport. There’s a bus stop just outside the door, and two tube stations within walking distance.